My Story

Hi, my name is Annamária Pap, a product designer specialized in designing bags from leather – my favorite material. Working with leather enthralled me since age 12: the scent of it, the texture and fabric I find just mesmerizing. Designing products and see them come from imagination to reality is what I live for. I love drawing, inventing new items, and see how the ideas come to life. A truly fantastic feeling! Due to my artistic studies I spent a lot of time painting and designing. In general I love everything about art and handicraft. I often create pearl necklaces and bracelets for myself.

All my bags are hand-made from the finest Italian leather and decorated with high quality metal pieces. Studs and accessories are hand-picked and purpose-made from stainless steel. The bags themselves imagined to be exclusive and so produced in limited quantities or in some cases are absolutely unique making them a real special treat.

My design language is governed by the guidelines of actual trends but with my own individual use of form factors and color palette thus making Annamaria Pap products a perfect choice for the fashion-sensitive person with taste for subtle elegance instead of the striking and showy mainstream.

XOXO Annamari